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What do we do?

  • 9 August 2018
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What do we do?  Do we look up?  Do we look down?  During the Mass, what are the members of the Assembly to do when the priest holds up (elevates) the consecrated host and then holds up (elevates) the chalice?  Some people look up at the host and then at the chalice and some people look down. 

What does the Roman Missal say?  The priest “shows the consecrated host to the people.”  We look at what the priest is showing us; the consecrated host.  The same is true for the chalice.  “He shows the chalice to the people.”  The members of the Assembly look at the chalice. 

Was it always this way?  While working on this article I came across a copy of the Saint Joseph Sunday Missal originally published in 1953.  It says, “When he elevates the Sacred Host, look at It.”

What do the members of the Assembly do when the priest after elevating the host, places it on the corporal and genuflects in adoration?  After the priest does the same thing with the chalice what action does the Assembly complete? 

Since the Assembly is kneeling during the above actions, no further actions are necessary.  Kneeling is a form of adoration.  What about the members of the Assembly who are not kneeling?  Archbishop Richard Smith, in his 2011 Pastoral Note on the Revised GIRM and Missal states:  “Those who are not able to kneel for reasons such as infirmity or lack of space are invited to make a profound bow when the priest genuflects at the Consecration of the bread and again at the Consecration of the Wine.” 

So what are we to do?  At the showing of the consecrated bread and the chalice, we look up.

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