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  • 12 April 2019
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What?  No Mass!

At this time of the year, many people will call the local parish and ask about the times for the Liturgies of the Triduum.

There is one call that is challenging.  “What time is Mass on Good Friday?”  I used to say, “There is no Mass on Good Friday,” and then I would try to explain that the parish would have The Celebration of the Passion of the Lord at the scheduled times.  On more than a few occasions before I could explain why there is no Mass on Good Friday, the caller would indignantly say something such as, “No Mass on Good Friday!  On that important day!” and so forth.  After years of trying to explain why there is no Mass on Good Friday and what we do celebrate on Good Friday, I would simply answer the caller’s question about Mass times by stating the scheduled times.

So what happens on Good Friday at the Celebration of the Passion of the Lord?  There are three parts:  (1) Liturgy of the Word and Solemn Intercessions, (2) Adoration of the Holy Cross and (3) Holy Communion.

Unlike Mass, the Liturgy of Good Friday has no introductory rites, no procession of the gift and the accompanying actions and prayers, no sign of peace, no chanting of the Lamb of God and no concluding rites.  Most importantly there is no Eucharistic Prayer; that great thanksgiving prayer to God in which the bread and wine are consecrated.  The Communion that is distributed on Good Friday is the reserved Sacrament from the evening Mass on Holy Thursday evening. 

What will you say if someone asks you about the time(s) for Mass on Good Friday?

Have a wonderful Triduum.

Fr. Leo 

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