Our Chaplain

Welcome to St. Benedict Chapel.

It is my privilege to serve as Chaplain of this very special place. I am beginning to appreciate more and more the wisdom of former Archbishop Thomas Collins in establishing this spiritual oasis amid the office towers of downtown Edmonton.

Back in November 2006, when the chapel opened in a corner space on the third floor of the mall, a person identified only as “One of the Flock” penned the following words of appreciation after the first Mass:

Downtown Edmonton where many of us go
We see people we never get to know.
City center at times can be a rat race,
Not that easy to keep up the pace.

Our Archbishop Thomas Collins saw the need,
For we The Faithful he planted the seed.
St. Benedict’s Chapel, we meet face to face
With God our Father – thank you, Your Grace.

I meet people from every walk of life here at St. Benedict, each with their own reason for passing through our doors. Some come for the spiritual nourishment of the Mass, some seek the healing mercy of Confession, and some arrive with questions about the faith or about the big issues in life. Some come to pray, or just to sit for a quiet break from their busy day.

Whatever your reason, I hope you will always feel welcome at St. Benedict. I pray that your time here will bring you closer to the merciful embrace of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God bless you abundantly,
Rev. Tesfu Kelati (Chaplain)